Monopoly – The benefits of Playing Online

Hi Monopoly fans .

Okay , what’s in a title, well I’ll tell ya .

Whenever I’m out and about I invariable end up in the bookies , and guess what I’m exclicably drawn to the good old Slot machines . I dunno why I just love to play my favourite game .

The only problem is the Return To Player (RTP) percenatage offered by land based sites seems to be often a lot less than that which is offered online .

Okay, so what is the RTP . Well this is the percentage that the game is designed to pay, over it’s lifetime back to the punter . So it stand to reason that the higher the RTP the more chance you have of winning .

But , a word of caution – The RTP is calculated over several thousand spins and not a figure that you can expect to get back every time you play .

So , if a game states that it pays back say 90% you should not expect back 90p for every £1.00 you gamble .

By law every gaming machine has to state it’s RTP clearly to the player.

Okay , so where’s the best place to get the highest RTP , Well believe it or not it’s definately online .

The RTP for Land based slots tends to be between 85% – 90% whereas at Sky Vegas the RTP for Monoploy is set at a massive 95.71% . this figure has been calculated by an independant testing company in accordance with AGCC regulations.

Not only that but Sky will also give you a sign up bonus of up to £500 when you start playing . You won’t get that at any land based establishment believe you me.

For more great deals and all the info on this classic game go to monopoly slot machine .

Good luck and happy house hunting!

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