Monopoly -The Best Place to Play

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Well this is a little subjective . Of course the best place to play is the place where you are guaranteed to win .

Now, I can’t and I suspect nobody else can offer you that guarantee . If you are offered it then I suggest that you treat it as a joke and get out of there fast.

However , I’ve played this game quite a few times and the best chance that you have of winning or at least making your money go further, in my opinion ,  is definately Online .

Why , well the odds normally offered by  Online casinos is a lot better than land based sites plus most online operators offer really good sign up deals .

My personal choice is Virgin casino . Not only do they offer great sign up deals but also have daily promotions . For instance Today ( Turesday ) they operate a scheme aptly named “Cash Point Tuesday”. Here they offer a £20 bonus on Tuesdays when you play a selection of thier most popular games.

Also, this month,  they are offering a High Rollers bonus of up to a staggering £1200 .

So There  you have it Virgin Casino is my choice for February .

My final bit of advice is – Play carefully and always set a budget .

Good Luck

ion then

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