Monopoly – The benefits of Playing Online

Hi Monopoly fans .

Okay , what’s in a title, well I’ll tell ya .

Whenever I’m out and about I invariable end up in the bookies , and guess what I’m exclicably drawn to the good old Slot machines . I dunno why I just love to play my favourite game .

The only problem is the Return To Player (RTP) percenatage offered by land based sites seems to be often a lot less than that which is offered online .

Okay, so what is the RTP . Well this is the percentage that the game is designed to pay, over it’s lifetime back to the punter . So it stand to reason that the higher the RTP the more chance you have of winning .

But , a word of caution – The RTP is calculated over several thousand spins and not a figure that you can expect to get back every time you play .

So , if a game states that it pays back say 90% you should not expect back 90p for every £1.00 you gamble .

By law every gaming machine has to state it’s RTP clearly to the player.

Okay , so where’s the best place to get the highest RTP , Well believe it or not it’s definately online .

The RTP for Land based slots tends to be between 85% – 90% whereas at Sky Vegas the RTP for Monoploy is set at a massive 95.71% . this figure has been calculated by an independant testing company in accordance with AGCC regulations.

Not only that but Sky will also give you a sign up bonus of up to £500 when you start playing . You won’t get that at any land based establishment believe you me.

For more great deals and all the info on this classic game go to monopoly slot machine .

Good luck and happy house hunting!

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Monopoly Slot Machine – The Best Way to Play

Most Slot machines only payout jackpots when you are placing maximum stake .

Obviously Most of us want to win the jackpot but to achieve this you need to be prepared to really bet big .

On sky Vegas for example the maximum bet on Monopoloy Pass go Bonus is £50 per line and the maximum number of lines you can play is 9 making a grand total of £450 per spin . Great if you win the jackpot but not so great if you don’t and an awful lot of money to place on one single spin.

My personal choice is to bet a range of between 20p and £1.00 per spin .

From experience I have found that the Bonus rounds, and lets face it we all love em , seem to appear more frequently when you are betting a lower amount than when you are staking higher amounts .

Also, my aim in playing these games is not only, of course to win, but also to have a rewarding game and that means making my Budget last as long as possible .

Gambling big amounts can envariably deplete your cash very quickly and you could soon be out of Funds .

So, my advice is :

(a) Definately set a Budget before you play .

(b) Stick to this budget

(c) Only Gamble what you can afford .

(d) Keep the stakes reasonable , based on the fact that you will certainly not win on every spin .

In other words if you want a couple of hours entertainment then keep the stakes proportional to your budget .

Most of All , Good Luck !

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Monopoly – A Bookies favourite

Hi ,

I went into the bookies the other day and play monopoly .

It wasn’t too bad I only lost a tenner but I really should have been a bit more strong willed and waited until I got home to play .

It took me about 20 mins to loose all my money whereas online I can probably play for more than 2 hours .

Also , its more comfortable at home . I can have a cuppa when I fancy it or just have a break every now and knowing someone else won’t nip in Quick and pinch my seat .

I’m not saying I always win online, far from it . But Its definately a better environment in which to participate .

Oh well , it’s also nice to get out .

But I’m gonna have a quick Coffee now and do something constructive .


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Monopoly -The Best Place to Play

Hi ,

Well this is a little subjective . Of course the best place to play is the place where you are guaranteed to win .

Now, I can’t and I suspect nobody else can offer you that guarantee . If you are offered it then I suggest that you treat it as a joke and get out of there fast.

However , I’ve played this game quite a few times and the best chance that you have of winning or at least making your money go further, in my opinion ,  is definately Online .

Why , well the odds normally offered by  Online casinos is a lot better than land based sites plus most online operators offer really good sign up deals .

My personal choice is Virgin casino . Not only do they offer great sign up deals but also have daily promotions . For instance Today ( Turesday ) they operate a scheme aptly named “Cash Point Tuesday”. Here they offer a £20 bonus on Tuesdays when you play a selection of thier most popular games.

Also, this month,  they are offering a High Rollers bonus of up to a staggering £1200 .

So There  you have it Virgin Casino is my choice for February .

My final bit of advice is – Play carefully and always set a budget .

Good Luck

ion then

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Welcome to Monopoly Slot Machine

Welcome to Monopoly slot machine News .

This blog is intended to keep you updated with all the latest Monopoly slot machine news and views.

I will let you all know the best Casino deals around as soon as I know them and also let you know the latest Slot machine games to play .

Bye for Now!

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