Yes , the world's best-loved board game is now on-line's most exciting and rewarding video slot game. Monopoly slot machine with Pass "GO" Bonus combines plenty of payline action with 2 fantastic Bonus features. Land 3 Community Chest Instant Bonus symbols, and pick one to reveal your award multiplier. Get 3 spinning Dice symbols on a line, and you earn a trip to the Pass "GO" Bonus board, where Property Deeds, Free Parking, Chance, "GO" and Jail all add up to a rich awards!

When you take a trip around the most famous board game in history, you'll win more than just Monopoly Money! Place bets on your favorite properties and roll the dice. Land on a wagered spot and win - land on chance and you'll be bounced to a random spot on the board, land on free parking or GO and get 3x your stake

Pass Go Today and Collect £200

Welcome to the most famous property game in the World. This best-loved board game is now a fantastic fun filled slot machine game. Monopoly slot machine with the  Pass "GO" Bonus has all the thrills of the traditional board game with fantastic Bonus features and a chance to win real Money. You can play Monopoly, along with some other  great Slot Machine games at Sky Vegas, Kerching ,

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and Slot N Games .

Monopoly with Pass "GO" Bonus is the multi-line, multi-coin slot game that will give you a taste of the high life. Nine paylines means lots of chances at rich rewards. And with a bit of luck, you'll qualify for either of the two brilliant bonuses: the Community Chest Instant Bonus or the Pass “GO” Bonus, where you can really cash in.

Monopoly Here And Now

Board Bonus. When three Board Bonus dice symbols land on an active payline, choose a pair of dice to determine how many times you get to roll the dice in the Board Bonus.

Land on properties in the Board Bonus to get paid the value of the property and any property upgrades. Properties retain their value and property upgrades until the current Board Bonus round ends. Land on Free Parking and you're going to the Free Parking Bonus!

Free Parking Jackpot. Landing on Free Parking in the Board Bonus gives you the chance to win one of the Free Parking Bonus jackpots. Spin the wheel to determine which colour car moves forward towards its meter. The first car to move forward three times and reach its meter earns you the corresponding jackpot.

Go To Jail. If you land on Go To Jail or receive a Go To Jail card from Community Chest, you go directly to Jail without passing GO. If you land in Jail on your last roll of the dice, the bonus ends. If you land in Jail with dice rolls remaining, you have up to three chances to roll doubles in order to escape, depending upon how many total rolls you have left. Each dice roll within Jail reduces your total number of rolls. If you run out of rolls before escaping from Jail, your Board Bonus ends at that point. If you succeed in rolling doubles, your piece moves that number of spaces starting from Just Visiting. If you do not roll doubles within three rolls, your piece is moved to Just Visiting. If you have rolls remaining, you may continue rolling and moving around the board.

Landing on GO. If you land on GO you earn one extra roll. Landing on Chance or Community Chest. If you land on Chance or Community Chest, a corresponding card is randomly drawn. A given card can move your game piece, or reward you with an extra additional roll or credits.As you make your way around the board you might land on the same property twice or even get to play the Free Parking Bonus again!

Leaving the Board Bonus. When you've completed your rolls and exited the Board Bonus, all apartments and hotels are removed, and the Free Parking meters are reset proportional to the bet size on the pay line that triggered the bonus.

Monopoly Pass Go Bonus

The Monopoly slot machine - Monopoly Pass Go gives online casino players the chance to enjoy a traditional representation of the popular board game. This exciting nine-payline slots title transports members to the streets of London town in the quest for cash prizes.

The authentic Monopoly slots game includes a host of recognisable features including traditional reel symbols of cash prizes, property deeds and community chest symbols. Of course, the most familiar icon of this classic slots title - Mr. Monopoly - is also present: online casino members can see him jumping around for joy after they obtain a cash win.

Monopoly slots game - Here And Now. The title also features an online slots rendition of the beloved board game. Online casino gamers can experience a thrilling bonus feature on the classic property map if they obtain three die symbols in a winning payline. This 'Pass Go' bonus sees members progress around a board in a journey for payouts.

Monopoly Multiplier

The familiar icons of the Monopoly board game are combined with an exciting paytable to provide you a chance to win a host of fabulous prizes. This slot machine features 27 ways to win across three reels and large numbers of stacked symbols, Monopoly Multiplier lets you easily aspire to become as wealthy as Mr. Monopoly himself.

Achieving three matching symbols on the centre position on each reel awards a bonus multiplier round to boost this win up to a massive 25x the original prizeThe Monopoly Multiplier slots title gives online casino members the opportunity to enjoy a brand new Monopoly experience from the comfort of their own home. This fantastic slots title features a host of recognisable icons from the timeless board game; slots fans will spot green homes, red hotels and a number of traditional playing pieces from the classic tabletop strategy game.

Bonus Multiplier Round
If you achieve three matching symbols on the centre position on each reel, a new screen appears with eight Monopoly playing pieces. Each playing piece is hiding a multiplier that can range from x2 to x10, or if you're really lucky, from x10 to x25! Select a playing piece to reveal the multiplier to be applied to your win on the centre position on all three reels.


In 1933, Charles B. Darrow invented the game of Monopoly. It was after the big stock market crash and Charles was out of work. He took odd jobs just to put food on the table for his family. It was said that in happier times, he and his wife used to go to Atlantic City. This gave him his inspiration to draw his game on an oil cloth.

He misspelled Marvin Gardens, it should have been Marven Gardens, this was later corrected. There were only three railroads that carried people to Atlantic City, and he wanted one for each side of the board, so he brought in Short Line, which was really a freight bus that had a depot there. He made houses and hotels out of cardboard, used different colored buttons for the tokens, and used play money and dice.

He soon had family and friends over every night to play the game, which at this time they called “The Game”. His friends wanted to take the game home with them so often that he made additional boards for them and they usually supplied their own dice and play money. He was soon selling these to friends for four dollars a game, but could only make two every day. A paint store in the neighborhood donated samples of paint to him, and he would go to a lumber yard and take unwanted scraps of wood. Soon a friend in the printing business started printing the boards for him. Now he was able to produce six games a day, but this still wasn't enough to keep up with the demand he had, as a store in Philadelphia was selling games for him now.

He went to Parker Brothers to manufacture the game. They considered it and played it but they rarely bought games from people outside the company and did not take it too seriously. They also had their own definite ideas about game rules, and felt that this game took way too long to finish, and that the rules were too complicated for the average person or child. They turned him down, saying the game had fifty-two errors.

Charles kept making the game and one by one stores grew more interested, and were selling the games quickly. By 1935, Parker Brothers could no longer ignore the gold mine that Charles had made, so they bought the rights and made the first official Monopoly Game.

Now, it is worth mentioning that some legal battles were going on about the origin of Charles’s game. Some think the idea came from a game that was invented by a Quaker woman, who lived in Virginia in 1903. Lizzie J. Magie called her game The Landlords Game to protest monopolies. Her colors and names were different, and her properties were only rented, never sold. It was said that her game gained some popularity, and was eventually played in universities, where it was changed in 1927 by Dan Laymen who called his game Finance.

At present, Monopoly is played by four hundred eighty million people, worldwide, in over forty-five countries, and over twenty-six languages.


The Monopoly slot machine looks like they have reels in them, or at least almost all video Slot machines look this way, but are controlled by computer program using random number generators (RNG).The random number generator (RNG) constantly generates different numbers. When you activate the machine the computer reads the current number on the RNG and tells the reels, or in actual fact , the graphics program where to stop the picture of a spinning reel.

Essentially the Random Number Generator (RNG) is the brains of the slot machine. While most player know that there is a computer chip picking the numbers, they do not fully understand how it works and this can lead to some of the many myths and misconceptions about a slot machine. One of the most common myths is that a machine has a cycle that can let a player know when it is due to hit. Many sites will try to sell you winning systems, or tell you that they know of cheats. Save your Money you simply cannot beat an RNG System.

Inside the slot machine is a Computer similar to the one in your home. In fact it might even be that the monopoly progrma runs ona  windows operating system . The monopoly game is essentially a special program that uses the RNG to generate numbers that correspond to the symbols on the reel of the slot machine.

As long as there is power to the machine it is constantly selecting random numbers.The RNG generates a value between 0 and 4 billion (approx number) . The outcome of each spin is determined by the number selected by the RNG. This number is chosen when you hit the spin button or deposit a coin.

The RNG uses a formula known as an algorithm which is a series of instructions for generating the numbers. The scope of this is beyond most of our mathematical knowledge but can be checked for accuracy. This is done by the Casino Control Board and other testing laboratories to make sure that the program performs as it should so the player will not be cheated.

RNG’s are impossible to tamper with. They cannot be interrupted or predicted. In fact, most modern slot machines have sophisticated anti-tampering mechanisms and error checking code that rule out any possibility of malfunctioning .

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Online slot machine generally return much higher returns than thier land based counterparts . For example, the average Monopoloy slot machine payout percentage at Virgin casino is approximately 97% whereas some land based establishments it can be as low as 88%. So although the software running the machines is the generally the same the and although the gameplay is very similar, online Casino's generally very often much better value for money .

Also, the online casinos market is extremley competitive and online establishments, always keen to attract new customers, very often offer great deals to new and existing Customesr . Most of these are in the form of very attractive Sign Up bonues. This incentive provides real  value when playing online and you can use this "free" cash to  to increase  your bankroll, and of course provide you with a much better chnace of becoming a real winner.

Also to keep you interested some Online casinos often offer daily rewards to existing players in the form of  return cash or special deals . Kerching Casino offer something different every day from loyalty points to large cash backs .

With all this however comes a note of caution most cash backs are based on How much you deposit and whilst there are some great deals there may also be strick terms and conditions attached so always ensure that you have read and understodd these conditions before laying any money out .

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